The following colours are currently in stock, but we can get all BCY colours if you're willing to wait for shipping. We have some colours in both compound and traditional string material (C/T), others are only available in traditional material (T) at the moment. 

Green (C/T)

Florescent Green (C/T)

Florescent Purple (C/T)

Electric Blue (C/T)

Pink (C/T)

Florescent Orange (C/T)

Red (C/T)

Florescent Green w/ Black Speckle (C)

Black (C/T)

Silver (C/T)

Gunmetal (T)

Florescent Yellow (C/T)

White (C/T)

Light Blue (C/T)

Purple (T)

Dark Brown (T)

Gold (T)

Yellow (T)

Sunset Orange (T)

Yellow w/ Brown Speckle (T)

Natural (T)

Serving Colours

The serving on traditional bowstrings and the center serving on compound bowstrings will always be black.



Electric Blue

Florescent Orange 

Florescent Purple

Florescent Yellow




Bright Green

*The clear serving is made by combining the white material with a special clarifying solution. We do not offer plain white serving at this time.