"Between dealing with big stores with cardboard cutouts behind the counter and buying gear online I for one, and likely many of you, am sick of it. To say I am relieved and refreshed is an understatement when it comes to Jon Gullage and Arrow Addiction is putting it lightly. To have a local shop even with a semi competent individual at the helm would have been acceptable but this guy!! This guy knows his s**t!! Jon is exactly the kinda guy you wants at a local shop, he's a deadly dude who actually cares what your name is and knows every little thing about building and tuning bows, building custom strings (both modern and traditional) and tuning arrows. There isn't a question you can ask him he won't have an answer for. If you folks don't already know about Arrow Addiction in Clarenville you need to get out there and check out the shop!  Bring along your bow, I can bet that even if you think you have it down pat he will show you a way to improve!

The picture is of the two bows he strung for me. The white one has shot a thousand plus arrows so far and everything is still exactly where it was when it came from the shop."

-Shane Frost, from the Newfoundland Bow Hunters Facebook group.

“We have booked Arrow Addiction for private archery sessions on a couple of occasions and the cadets absolutely loved it. John is very knowledgeable and engaging. He was able to provide a safe environmental for our cadets to learn new and exciting skills.  We will definitely be booking again in the future!” 

 -The Officers of 567 Random Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron