Traditional Bowstrings
Traditional Bowstrings
Traditional Bowstrings
Traditional Bowstrings
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Traditional Bowstrings

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Like our compound strings, our Traditional Bowstrings are built with pride. We offer both Flemish twist and infinite loop strings. All strings are composed of the most suitable BCY Fibers depending on the style of string or the bow it is being built for. Whether you are an Olympic archer or a traditional hunter, we can custom build you a high performance string to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Our premium Flemish twist strings are the result of our unique build process. We have experimented with a variety of different BCY Dacron and Fast Flight materials. Each material has different pros and cons that play a factor in how well they shoot and their durability. Depending on the material used, strings will have different characteristics of noise reduction, vibration reduction, string creep/stretching, longevity, etc. Through trial and error we have found a material, and build process, that produces strings with the best balance of all these variables. Our process will greatly reduce, and in most cases eliminate, the lengthy break in period that handmade Flemish twist strings are known for.

All of our traditional bowstrings are:

  • Made-to-order from BCY bowstring materials in your choice of up to 2 colours.
  • Available in lengths from 40" to 76" based on your chosen draw weight.
  • Pre-stretched under tension to reduce or eliminate lengthy break-in periods.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed AMO Specifications of +/- 1/4 @100 lbs. of tension.
  • Backed by our 6 month conditional warranty.

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