Limb Saver Kodiak Bow Sling
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Limb Saver Kodiak Bow Sling

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The Kodiak-Air Bow Sling from LimbSaver is a versatile tool that can be used whether you're on the range or on a hunting trip, including horseback hunting. Many customers have found it to be an indispensable tool for elk hunting in the high country.

This product is designed to allow you to carry your bow for extended periods of time while in the field, without experiencing discomfort. Developed after years of research and development, it features an extra-flexible design that can mold and bend to the contours of your body.

The sling is equipped with a NAVCOM Air-Web pattern that not only evenly distributes the weight of your bow on your shoulder, but also keeps you cool and comfortable. Additionally, the adjustable handgrip is ergonomically designed for custom positioning, comfort, and control. You can shoot your bow with it on. It has a quick detach to take it on or off quickly. Its a great help if your a whitetail hunter climbing a tree. Throw it over your shoulder and climb away.

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