Archery League!

Arrow Addiction Archery League Announcement!

Here are the details on the league that will be starting at the beginning of February.

If you are from out of town we have a way for you to participate so please read all the details! It's a lot of info but this should answer all the questions everyone has been asking.

League members will also receive discounts on hourly rates as noted below.

The league will begin on the first week of February but it can be joined as late as April.1st.

This league will be suitable for all skill levels. Competitors will be placed in their own age division and equipment class, so someone brand new using one of our rental bows won't be competing with with an experienced archer that has more advanced equipment. It will run for 12 weeks with two opportunities to shoot each week. This means you can submit a max of 24 score sheets.

Here's the catch.

Your overall standing in the league/division will be determined by your top 8 scores, so if you can't make it due to weather, sickness, other commitments, etc you just need to submit 8 scores. If you end up with only 5 submitted you are still eligible to win prizes.

You will be permitted to use your own equipment up to 70# compounds as we will have a high strength curtain.

The league will be open to anyone 10 years of age and up. Exceptions will be made for younger competitors that have a signed card which can be obtained by attending an orientation lesson, private lessons, or adequate experience with us previously.

On each league night your match will take about an hour to shoot. You can drop in anytime during league hours and shoot your match.

Each match will consist of 30 arrows at a scoring target as seen in the pictures below.

What is up for grabs?

We plan to have medals for the top 3 competitors in each league and a compound bow package prize that we'll be raffling off at the end.

Everyone who registers will receive one raffle ticket towards the bow package, that way anyone who participates has a chance to win! However, because there will be a huge variety of classes and age groups we cannot put a bow package up for each of them. Instead, those that win medals will receive extra raffle tickets toward the bow prize.

Gold - 20 tickets
Silver -10 tickets
Bronze - 5 tickets

The value of the bow package will be determined by the number of participants that sign up.

1-20 participants $600 bow package
21-40 participants $1000 bow package
41+ $1500 bow package


Tuesdays 5-9pm (latest start time 7:45pm)
Sundays 4-8pm (latest start time 6:45pm)

IF THESE DAYS AND TIMES DO NOT WORK PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT DOES. We want as many people to attend as possible. So if these time frames do not work we will try to add more days of the week!

For each match you will shoot 30 arrows at a scoring target, not foam animals.

For those of you traveling from out of town

When the range is open for drop in use you may drop in and shoot your league match. Our staff will provide your target and record your score. If you want to shoot a match in the morning, grab lunch, and come shoot another match we'll allow it!


$160 plus hst if you have your own equipment ($7.66 per night taxes in)
$240 plus hst if you need a rental ($11.50 per night taxes in)

Registrations must be paid in full.

There will be no additional charges on league nights or when someone drops in to shoot their match.

When league members want to make use of the range outside of league nights, or sign up for lessons they can enjoy a $5 discount on hourly rates or registration fees.

To register please contact us by email or sending us a message on the Facebook page.

Please provide the following information

Names of all archers registering
Ages of all archers
Number of archers that require rental equipment
Number of archers with their own equipment
Contact information

Registration is open today!

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